Aerosport’s Vapor Post Processing Capabilities

Post processing is an important part of additive manufacturing. Typically the parts have been smoothed out by hand, but this method tend to be slow, makes it difficult to produce consistent parts and increases the overall cost of the part. This is why Aerosport has invested in AMT’s fully automated post-processing solution. The equipment is designed specifically for the additive manufacturing industry, transforming 3D-printed parts into production-ready parts, consistently and quickly.

Aerosport currently has in-house the PostPro3D and a PostProDP machines that both use AMT’s BLAST Technology.

Aerosport Vapor Post Processing

AMT’s BLAST (Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology) Proprietary Process

The BLAST process is a physical-chemical-based process that can smooth a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers. The process is a non-line-of-sight and can smooth complex internal cavities to polymer parts. The PostPro3D technology is highly controllable, allowing reproduceable results with no degradation of a parts’ mechanical properties.

Benefits of BLAST Vapor Processing:

  • PostPro3D achieves for the first time a surface finish that matches machine injection molding techniques. No need for injection molding tooling.
  • Compatible with over 90 materials in parts printed using Laser Sintering, HP Multi Jet Fusion, High Speed Sintering, or Fused Deposition Modelling technology.
  • PostPro vapor smoothing enhances the performance and aesthetics of each part.
  • Sealed surfaces are easier to dye and to certify for skin and food contact while keeping dimensional accuracy without marks from fixtures.

Aerosport can fully customize your parts using Vapor Post Processing

We offer a wide variety of texture polishes including vapor smoothing, Cerakote, and applying texture to your parts!

Watch the video below on AMT’s BLAST technology:

Sample of Vapor Processed Part

Download our white paper on the extensive testing of HP’s MFJ PA12 Material:

Aerosport Additive Vapor Processing White Paper

Aerosport Post Processing White Paper


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