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Custom Finishing & Graphics

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Aerosport offers custom finishing and graphics, color matching, and texturing for all your modeling and prototypes needs. Aerosport sets themselves apart from other companies in finishing, texture, graphics and color matching. Aerosport has their own in house computer color matching system. We mix all our own colors and paint in house.

We can match any color from your sample part, color chip, or pantone number.
We archive these colors keep computer records of each and every color.
• Matching Specs
• MOLD-TECH or Sample textured part
• Color – PMS/Pantone or sample color
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The x-rite Industrial Coating and Urethane Color Matching System bridges the gap between the Pantone Color System used by many professionals and industrial coatings. We have the x-rite color matching system in house.

We can color match right from a color sample you provide! No more hunting for the right Pantone® to match that clipping you found for the perfect color. We can match any color from your sample part, color chip, or pantone number. Just bring it in and with our x-rite machine, we will match it exactly.

Once we’ve matched a specific color for you, it can be archived for future use! Also with this technology, we are able to color match the Urethane used for prototype castings resulting in even closer representations of true production parts.

So, don’t let your design be limited by Pantone® and colors in the industrial coating swatch book. At Aerosport, no matter what your design need, the entire world can be your color pallet.