Ideal for prototype development and low-volume production

Vacuum Forming

Ideal for prototype development and low-volume production, Vacuum Forming offers several advantages over other forming processes. Extremely adaptive to design needs and able to produce large volumes of parts without costly machinery and tooling.

A Viable Choice
Vacuum Forming (also known as thermoforming) is the technique in which plastic is heated to a manipulative state and form-fitted against a concave surface by way of suction. The material and process is optimized for cost-effectiveness and it is relatively easy to later make engineering changes to a part. Molds can be made from multiple materials ranging from wood to metal. Vacuum-formed components can be used in place of complex fabricated sheet metal, fiberglass or plastic injection molding.

Meeting Every Need
At Aerosport, we offer Vacuum Forming for a variety of projects:
• Small to large designs
• Quick-blister and clam-shell packaging prototypes
• Production-quality prototypes

We offer three variations:
• Cast Aluminum Molds – fast aluminum molds, can also be used in pressure forming applications
• Machined Aluminum Molds – cut out of solid aluminum block, for packaging and trays
• Composite Molds – lower cost alternative, produces high quality parts that last a very long time

Ideally suited for:
• Automotive
• Consumer products
• Packaging
• Retail and display
• Sports and Leisure
• Electronics
• Industrial applications

Typical Materials Used
ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
PETG – Polyester Copolymer
PA – Polystyrene
PC – Polycarbonate
PP – Polypropylene
PE – Polyethylene (sheet & foamed sheet)
PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
AC – Acrylic


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