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Check Fixtures / Assembly Fixtures

At Aerosport Additive, we have a team of designers and developers that strive to meet each manufacturing need with the best possible solution. We are fully equipped to build both simple fixtures and complex multi-station fixtures. Whether you are looking for Verification, Assembly, Poka Yoke or Go/No Go Fixtures, our resourcefulness and vast experience assure simple solutions for your most challenging applications.

Assembly Fixtures
As the client, you know what you want a specific fixture to do. Utilizing your parameters and specifications, our job is to design an assembly fixture to do exactly what you need it to do.

Go / No Go Fixtures
At Aerosport, we are also able to design inspection tools to check a specific work piece against its allowed tolerances. This is an important part of the quality process, used to ensure interchangeability of parts. As the client, you want a clear answer for every part tested: acceptable or not acceptable. We can give you that.
We regularly supply intelligent fixtures and incorporate Poka-Yoke, a Japanese term that means “mistake-proofing” for eliminating the possibility of producing incorrect parts. These fixtures are particularly important in the automotive industry.


Our latest projects

For over 25 years, Aerosport Additive has served 1000’s of satisfied clients from many disciplines, including automotive, medical, electronic, military, aviation, toy, consumer, and more. We research and invest in the latest technologies and operating processes each year to help our customers stay competitive in the marketplace. Thus, we are very proud to announce that […]


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Our clients consider us an extension of their design and development team by helping them produce the highest quality prototypes, appearance models, working models and machined parts.

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